About Us


The Training Central of cricket coaching and player development company uses new age techniques, tools and platforms to make quality cricket coaching available for everyone, irrespective of age, gender, skill level or location.

We take a holistic approach and inculcate a practice that in order to become a good player on the field you must also be a good person off the field too.

Our programs both on field and off-field reflect that and we endeavour to provide players skills that benefit them on and off the field by exposing them to professional players, coaches and industry experts in areas like fitness, nutrition and psychology.

our mission

"To contribute for improving 30,000 players on and off the field in the next 5 years.

our vision

"To uncover, encourage, promote evolving cricketing talent by exposing them to advanced and new age scientific training for augmenting their cricket playing skills.
Also Teaching them the trade secrets of attaining high mental and physical performance always with uncompromising honesty.


"To promote sport culture and build a community, encourage and cultivate interest in fitness and sport of cricket at all levels and including youth and adults.


"To provide the opportunity, environment and facilities to people of all ages and abilities to play cricket with new experiences

Our Eco-system

Corporate Services
  • - Rentals of Nets.
  • - Rentals of Ground.
  • - Corporate training for cricket
  • - Inter corporate tournaments
  • - Specialized designed Programs.
Coaching Services
  • - 365 Days Group Sessions
  • - Weekday Group Sessions
  • - Weekend Group Sessions
  • - Class By Masters
  • - Seasonal camps (summer & winter & other Holidays)
  • - One on One Coaching
  • - Residential Coaching.
  • Institutional Services
  • - Developing of curriculum.
  • - Deploying a coach.
  • - Assisting them to develop basic facility required for the sports.
  • - Training & Building Teams of different age groups.
  • - Assisting Teams to participate in different tournaments.
  • Tours & Tournaments
  • - Practice Matches
  • - Competitive Matches
  • - Tours at different cities & Countries.
  • - Corporate Tournaments.
  • - Youth Tournament.
  • - Inter Institutional Tournament.
  • What have we achieved?

    • Launched 3 Branches across Bengaluru in less than 12 months
    • Fastest Growing Sports Training Center in Bangalore
    • 7-acre facility with 2 full equipped ground for senior level game & junior level game.
    • Close to 500 players have been training with us.
    • Emerging as one of the best & fastest growing cricket coaching academy in Bangalore.
    • Tie ups with academies across INDIA & multiple other Countries.
    • Successfully conducted tournaments of different age groups


    Pioneers in developing new ways to develop players on and off the field.
    Growth Mindset
    Always looking for ways to improve.
    Within our brand, products, messaging and output.
    Role Models
    Follow the right footsteps.
    Provide elite level coaching to players, irrespective of age, gender, skill or location.
    Always honest with ourselves and others and never shy away from an uncomfortable situation.
    Fun and Enjoyment
    Everything we do is fun, and we always celebrate every occasion.
    Collaborative, Friendly, hard working and functional.